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Resource Centers at Guru Nanak College of Education

  1. Science Resource Centre: We have a well equipped Science Resource Centre with all latest apparatus and required material for imparting practical knowledge to the students. It comprises working & non working models.

  2. Psychology Resource Centre: We have a well maintained Psychology Resource centre having latest Psychology tools and tests, Apparatus etc. for B.Ed. Courses. The remarkable collection of psychological equipments & pictures of psychologists speak the richness of Psychology Resource Centre.

  3. ET/ICT Resource Centre : We have a Hi-Tech & Wi-Fi ET and ICT Resource Centre with the provision line faculty & well furnished setting to educate a group of 40 students at a time. We have well equipped, modernized Educational Technology Lab with all the ultra modern equipments i.e. overhead Projector.

  4. Language Learning Lab : We have a well maintained, computerized language learning lab which has latest Electronic devices, apparatus for developing different kills of pupil-teachers for teaching English, Hindi and Punjabi Languages.

  5. Arts & Craft Resource Centre : To cater to the aesthetic sense of the prospective teachers, the institution owns a well decorated Art & Craft Lab with the handmade items prepared by the would be teachers.

  6. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre: The college has Spacious & Well maintained Play Grounds for Indoor and Outdoor games.

  7. Mathematics Resource Centre: Our institute has well furnished Mathematics Resource Centre having all the required working models, mathematical equipment, and geometrical figures.

  8. Research Promotion Cell: In order to promote research in the field of education, research promotion cell has been formed in the college which works for promotion not only in house researches but also research in surrounding areas for betterment in the field of education.

  9. Social Science Resource Centre: Our institute has well furnished Social Science Resource Centre having all the required working models, Charts, Maps, and Globe etc.

  10. Library: We have a Wi-Fi computerized Library cum Reading Room with the provision of peaceful reading room, having more than 9427 books for B.Ed., classes, reference books, research books etc. along with 23 journals & magazines of national & State level along with e-journal & e-books.