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Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) Excellence at GNCE

Diploma in Elementary Education, or D.El.Ed., is a diploma-level course for teaching preschool curriculum and equips teachers with skills to contribute to a child’s proper growth. This course provides future educators with specialized education required to work in the education sector. Prospective teachers complete on-site training as a part of their course before teaching in the classroom.

Elementary-level education plays a significant role in laying the foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It is thus important that teachers acquire proper training to handle children at the elementary level. The course includes all the major aspects of the education field. Apart from the theoretical part, teachers also undergo practical training.

This program is an opening path for students who have passed their senior secondary examination (10+2).

Job types after the course

After pursuing the course, one can start their career as:

  • Teacher - Primary Teacher
  • Part-time Teacher
  • Research Associate
  • Madam, In-charge and Helper
  • Prep School Teacher
  • Language Editor