Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed)


Diploma in Elementary Education or D.El.Ed is a diploma level course for teaching preschool curriculum and equips the teachers with skills to contribute to a child’s proper growth.  This course provides future educators with specialized education required to work in education sector. The prospective teachers complete on-site training as a part of their course before teaching in the classroom.

Elementary level education plays a significant role in laying the foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It is thus important that teachers acquire proper training in order to handle children at elementary level. The course includes all the major aspects of education field. Apart from the theoretical part, teachers also go through the practical training.

This program is an opening path for the students who have passed their senior secondary examination (10+2).  

D.El.Ed program aims at

  • Develop better understanding of elementary level education
  • Develop better life skills in children through teachers
  • Develop better teaching skills in teachers
  • Improve teaching learning activities

Program Structure

The curriculum of Diploma in Elementary Education course is divided into two parts: General course and subject disciplines. Subject disciplines are further divided into subject content courses and method courses.  The former prepares teachers with the broad knowledge of the subject areas and the latter includes principles for education practice, child development, study of school pedagogy and the role of teacher in the grooming of students.


Foundation subjects include information management and discipline courses.  D.El.Ed program provides the students with the fundamental theories of education, its principles and strategies. This course prepares future educators to create and maintain disciplined classroom and teach standard elementary school curriculum. During this course, they will learn to develop classroom lesson plans, develop and assess tests and also provide both one-on-one and group instructions.

When you attend D.El.Ed course at Guru Nanak College of Education, you can expect training and resources that are:
•    Concrete, hands-on and grounded as per common core state standards
•    Vertically aligned to middle and high school materials
•    Equipped with interdisciplinary connections and fine art enhancements
•    Research based, focused and pedagogy-driven
•    Designed with precise and relevant acquisition of knowledge

How is D.El.Ed course beneficial?

This degree course enables students to go to various elementary teacher training jobs. They can easily join schools, special JBT schools in both private and public sector.  They can also apply for administrative level jobs at various ranks.

Job types after the course

After pursuing the course, one can start their career as:
•    Teacher - Primary Teacher
•    Part-time Teacher
•    Research Associate
•    Madam, In-charge and Helper
•    Prep School Teacher
•    Language Editor